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Guest Post: Loren Rhoads

Today we have a guest post from my friend Loren Rhoads promoting her new book This Morbid Life. Enjoy, Near Escapes by Loren Rhoads When I first moved to San Francisco, there was a little one-woman tour company that arranged guides for tours of the local cemeteries, went “backstage” at the grand historic hotels, slipped … Continue reading

I Feel Horror-ific!

Let’s face it. Last year I didn’t write ANYTHING but my Ladies of Horror flash pieces. I did do the bookmarks for my Etsy shop, and made a few sales there, but on the whole, it was a wasted year of binge-watching and take out. THIS year, however, things are looking WAAAAAY better. For one … Continue reading

A Quick Tip for Inspiration

Only a few minute to write today before the next thing on my To Do List must be done. Thought I would share a tip that really can spur the imagination and get the words flowing. If you are staring at a blank page, and really have no clue what to write, go to one … Continue reading

Let’s Have a Toast!

(My allergies were bad last night, so I am going to share something Bruce wrote for Roxanne instead of getting too creative. This was the toast he gave at their wedding…) Bruce’s Wedding Toast to Roxanne Flowers are pink. Flowers are green, Your eyes are the prettiest I’ve ever seen. You stand by my side … Continue reading

That IS Horrific!

I just looked at the last post, and it was a guest post from September! I severely neglected everything for the final quarter of 2020, but I am back to work on all fronts and hopefully will be keeping up better now that the dumpster fire is on its way out. That being said, I … Continue reading

GUEST POST: An Exploration of Death — Lee Andrew Forman

Hey horror fans! My name is Lee Andrew Forman, and I’m primarily a horror and dark fiction writer. First, I’d like to thank Rie Sheridan Rose for hosting me on her blog, The Rogers-Vincent Home for Wayward Spirits and Bar-B-Que Grill! Next, I’d like to talk a little about my latest book, The Bury Box. The Bury Box is an … Continue reading

Collecting Horror Ideas

We’ve talked a bit about where to submit horror, and some inspirations from folklore, but horror is all around us. (Just look at the headlines…) Keep a notebook of ideas with you at all times. Whether it is a small physical notebook; a larger spiral; or an app in your phone like Notebooks Pro or … Continue reading

Horror Doesn’t Have to Be Horrific

Horror ranges from the silliness of Scooby-Doo to the terror of The Ring. But some of the most interesting and insidious horror comes when an everyday object becomes unexpectedly evil. Look at Cujo. The book, and subsequent movie, are visceral and terrifying–and yet, they are about a rabid dog, not some demonic creature. Any dog … Continue reading


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