Let’s Have a Toast!

(My allergies were bad last night, so I am going to share something Bruce wrote for Roxanne instead of getting too creative. This was the toast he gave at their wedding…)

Bruce’s Wedding Toast to Roxanne

Flowers are pink.
Flowers are green,
Your eyes are the prettiest
I’ve ever seen.

You stand by my side
Through thick and through thin
Including that time that
The zombies broke in.

The way that you hit
That one guy with a pan—
I knew then and there
That I was your man.

And when we moved to the hill
To that rickety house
My heart said “C’mon, you fool,
And make her your spouse.”

When you said yes,
My heart it did sing,
Though you got pretty mad
When I bought that earring.

‘Course, our adventures—
They were not done yet.
We flew off to Ireland,
And leprechauns met.

The wedding got closer
But there was a hitch—
That pretty young thing
Who became a real—witch.

But today is the day—
So what if it’s raining?
The clouds hide the sun,
So the vamps ain’t complaining.

Yes, today is our wedding,
And I wrote down this verse.
Roxanne—you’re my lady—
For better or worse.

(if you’d like to know what the hell he’s talking about, you need to check out Bruce and Roxanne from Start to Finnish from Yard Dog Press!)

And since I can’t get to any conventions at the moment to pass them out for free…if you would like one of Bruce’s certification bumper stickers, we will slide on the actual examination and send you one for $1 to cover postage and handling. This may be the last batch ever printed, as Bruce is tired of working so hard…so don’t miss out. Just use paypal.me/RieSheridanRose and be sure to include your address in the note section so I can ship out the sticker!

Horror Poetry

By Candlelight            Overheard in Hell cover-FINAL

I love horror. It’s kind of addicting in a way. There are so many flavors of it. Bruce and Roxanne are silly fun, Skellyman is an attempt at gritty, serious horror. My scattered short stories run the gamut from silly to serious. But I have a deep fondness for poetry above all else, and I have two collections of dark fantasy and horror poetry, By Candlelight and Overheard in Hell.

Exploring these subjects with the economy of words demanded by poetry is a real challenge and one that I love to give myself. One of my inspirations and mentors was the late Charlee Jacobs. If you haven’t read her poetry, it is award-winning and amazing. Her encouragement has made horror one of my favorite genres.

Writing poetry is a cathartic experience. From the rigorous structure of a haiku:

Bones rattle at night
Under the full witches’ moon
As the dead rise up.

To full unstructured free verse like this:

Roll the Bones

Sit you down
Across the fire
Take a chance –
roll the bones.

Shamanistic seeds
Of power
Mystic runes –
roll the bones.

Fortune found in
Etched impression
Fueled by fever –
roll the bones.

Wisps of magic
Twists of fate
Now or later –
roll the bones.

Cast from hands
That tremble badly
Heart a-pumping –
roll the bones.

Death or birth
Fame or loss
All revealed by
one last toss –

Roll the bones.

What is your favorite style of poetry? Do you prefer rhyming or free verse? Share a bit in the comments! I’d love to see your poetry too.

And, in honor of my birthday Saturday (because I am a halfling at heart) Overheard in Hell is free on Kindle until Sunday, July 12, 2020. Have some poetry for summer!