GUEST POST: An Exploration of Death — Lee Andrew Forman

Hey horror fans! My name is Lee Andrew Forman, and I’m primarily a horror and dark fiction writer. First, I’d like to thank Rie Sheridan Rose for hosting me on her blog, The Rogers-Vincent Home for Wayward Spirits and Bar-B-Que Grill! Next, I’d like to talk a little about my latest book, The Bury Box.

The Bury Box is an exploration of death through the eyes of a child.

As a young boy, I found myself delving deeply into the macabre. Much like Reggie, the main character in the book, my natural tendencies were a bit on the strange side. As a child, I was consumed by the thought of death; what was it, what did it mean, and what happened after a person died? The idea of a body being put into the ground intrigued me to no end. Because I was so young, I hadn’t grasped the terms coffin or casket yet, so I called them exactly what they were, bury boxes.

When I started writing horror, I had a driving need to explore that childhood curiosity which had followed me all my life. And while my book is fiction, there are grains of truth between the pages; some of what takes place in Reggie’s world actually happened. With those things in mind, my journey into The Bury Box began.

Over the course of 7 years or so, I’d find myself putting my current writing project on hold and tapping out a few pages of the story that had been chasing me for so long. Eventually, I realized that I was spending more time with this manuscript than any other writing project. The story was telling me it was time, and I needed to get it out and share it with the world. While that might sound a bit dramatic, keep in mind I am a writer, and prone to living through my words as much as in the ‘real’ world.

My hope is that I’ve managed to convey not only the fear and anguish of those much earlier years, but also to take you, the reader, down a path you might not be expecting. I know I wasn’t expecting the story to veer in the direction it did, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Thank you, Rie, for hosting me on your blog, and I hope your readers are as fascinated with bury boxes as I am.