I Feel Horror-ific!

Rising up from the grave of 2020!

Let’s face it. Last year I didn’t write ANYTHING but my Ladies of Horror flash pieces. I did do the bookmarks for my Etsy shop, and made a few sales there, but on the whole, it was a wasted year of binge-watching and take out.

THIS year, however, things are looking WAAAAAY better. For one thing, I was accepted into SFWA and HWA. (I know, I know–shut UP about that already!–but I can’t help it. Dream come true time.)

Also, an old friend got tired of not being an editor and started a new venture Gravestone Press as an offshoot of Fiction4All. She is paying decent money for short stories, exposure for flash, and has several anthologies looking for stories at the moment. This has proven inspirational for me as I have written several new things for her and sold her a couple of reprints.

Remember, horror is where you find it. I am toying with a collection of stories based on song lyrics, and when you really think about some of the stories those songs tell–there is definitely a chance for horror. Like Lyin’ Eyes — what lengths does she wind up going to to “hide her lyin’ eyes”? or Bitter Green — such a haunting story. What songs inspire you? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

A Quick Tip for Inspiration

Only a few minute to write today before the next thing on my To Do List must be done. Thought I would share a tip that really can spur the imagination and get the words flowing.

If you are staring at a blank page, and really have no clue what to write, go to one of the stock sites (Pixabay is free) and look through the images. Find one you like, and start telling its story. Even if the finished product has veered worlds away from the image you started with, you have the juices flowing again.

I first learned about this trick with the Ladies of Horror Flash project, where we are given a picture each month and asked to write about it.

I used it today for a flash fiction call.

Here’s an image to play with. Try it for yourself!

That IS Horrific!

I just looked at the last post, and it was a guest post from September! I severely neglected everything for the final quarter of 2020, but I am back to work on all fronts and hopefully will be keeping up better now that the dumpster fire is on its way out.

That being said, I haven’t been doing a lot of horror stuff lately–hardly anything at all, but pushing more horror into the reality that was so gut-wrenching felt even worse. I did my Ladies of Horror pieces each month, but that was about it. If you are interested in seeing some of those, here’s a link.

Haven’t even watched a lot of horror since the news was bad enough, but I did start a re-watch of The Walking Dead to try and get back into it. I’ve stalled out for the moment in Season 7, which is close to when I stopped watching it before. I wonder if that’s a sign…

Still need to watch the last four episodes of Supernatural, but I’ve kinda been putting that off for the opposite reason. I don’t want to see the end of something I’ve loved.

We are keenly awaiting the final episodes of Lucifer (though IMDB listed a 6th Season…what’s THAT about?)

Oh, and for Halloween, we watched Hubie Halloween, which was…odd. I don’t know if I recommend it or not, but it was fun.

So, I guess I did do a few horror-related things while I was hibernating. See if you like any of them. 🙂